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May 28, 2024
An expert discusses immigration campaign rhetoric, xenophobia, and diaspora voting.
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May 27, 2024
Why Rishi Sunak is gambling on an early U.K. general election
The Tory party could have let the election clock run for another few months.
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May 27, 2024
Understanding the fake news about South Africa’s elections
Shelley Liu shares the latest on disinformation and misinformation in the lead-up to the 2024 elections.
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May 26, 2024
Parties promise unity, but many South Africans may sit out election
An expert discusses racial politics, the potential for election violence, and youth political engagement ahead of May 29 elections.
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May 25, 2024
2024: The election that could redefine South Africa’s politics
Everything you need to know about the May 29 elections, including recent changes to South Africa’s electoral system.


Good Authority

Our series on the 2024 South African elections

South Africans vote in a pivotal election on May 29.
- May 25, 2024
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What you need to know about India’s elections

Catch up on “rogue operatives,” campaign finance schemes, and concerns about India’s democracy.
- March 26, 2024
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In 2024, political violence against Black women is a big threat

Women’s History Month is good time to thank our Black women in office – and keep them safe. 
- March 18, 2024
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How a shift to the right in June elections may stifle EU climate ambitions 🎧

A conversation with Simon Hix about the causes and consequences of the expected sharp right turn in the upcoming European Parliament elections
- March 12, 2024
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New findings from the 2022 U.S. Transgender Survey

New state-level bills targeting transgender, nonbinary, and intersex Americans add to these individuals' concerns.
- February 27, 2024
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Right-wing populist parties have risen. Populism hasn’t.

The success of these parties isn’t about a surge in populist sentiments.
- January 19, 2024
- March 28, 2024
John Sides and Michael Tesler talk about what to expect leading up to the Nov. 5 vote.

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May 24, 2024
What Alito’s flags say about American patriotism
Tocqueville can still teach us about U.S. democracy.
Good Authority
May 23, 2024
How Israel sees the ICC potential warrants against its leaders
The news that the ICC is considering arrest warrants for Israeli leaders affects how Israel sees itself in the world.
Good Authority
May 22, 2024
Navigating the unthinkable: a Russian prison sentence
Highlights from Coming Home by Brittney Griner with Michelle Burford.
Good Authority
May 21, 2024
What voters say is important doesn’t actually affect their vote
Polls measuring people’s political priorities can’t tell us why they’ll choose Biden or Trump.
Good Authority
May 20, 2024
Iran’s president has died. What happens now?
Iran has a succession plan – and a population that’s deeply dissatisfied with the current regime.
Good Authority
May 20, 2024
Why some countries are less welcoming to international students
As governments try to cut immigration numbers, universities are defending their lucrative market.
Good Authority
May 17, 2024
These protests in Kashmir weren’t about India
In Pakistan, government austerity measures proved highly unpopular.
Good Authority
May 16, 2024
Israel’s assault on Gaza is about more than a fight with Hamas
How collective memories of historical trauma factor into Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 attacks.
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Two new books take different roads to understand South Africa

South Africa’s government changed after 1994. So did the social order.

South Africa’s ruling party is going after corrupt leaders. That’s only half the problem.

Even low-level offices can bring wealth, so people are killing each other to gain election.

How the ANC survived Jacob Zuma — and eked out a 2019 win

Under Zuma, democratic institutions bent but did not break.