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What’s a “Big Win”?

- January 20, 2008

Here are two other blog posts relevant to Lee’s comments on McCain’s “big win” in South Carolina.

Nick Beaudrot:

bq. The press needs to come up with some consistent language to describe margins of victory. Barack Obama’s 7 point win in Iowa was referred to as a “big win”. But MSNBC is currently running with a headline “Romney edges McCain in Michigan”. But Romney won by 9 points! Doesn’t that make it a “big win”?

bq. I suggest “narrow margin” for three or fewer points, “modest margin” for three to seven points, “healthy margin” for seven to ten, “big win” for ten to twenty, and “blowout” for anything over twenty.

Ezra Klein, tongue firmly in cheek:

bq. Or, alternately, you could group by candidate. “Edging out” for any victory over John McCain. “Blowout” for any defeat of Hillary Clinton. “Romp” for any win by John McCain. “Narrow victory” for any win by Democrats over Republicans. “Historic mandate” for any win by Republicans over Democrats. Etc, etc.

I’d be happy to adopt Beaudrot’s scheme, except that it would deprive reporters of the opportunity to frame the victory in terms of their own expectations.