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- June 9, 2010

* Why graduate students should blog.

* Bruce Bartlett has an interesting new blog that will traffic in “reports and articles outside the usual places that many bloggers tend to cite and comment on.” Here is one post on health care.

* A long time ago, I said that Caitlin Flanagan desperately needed some social science. Unfortunately, that’s still true.

* Lane Kenworthy on social spending in the US, Denmark, and Sweden.

* I agree with everything Jon Bernstein says here — especially regarding “a well-reported descriptive piece on something that’s actually happening.”

* Is that Obama in the “Whoop! There It Is” video? [via Brendan Nyhan]

* Dan Drezner vs. Jon Krosnick on public opinion about global warming.

* Spending cuts don’t really help presidents win reelection.