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Nolan McCarty’s Blog

- December 14, 2008

Andy’s post below alerts me to Nolan McCarty‘s new blog. Find it here. There is already a steady stream of interesting posts. Some tidbits:

bq. … government intervention that tries to hold bad executives accountable has its own problems. It generates huge incentives for companies and executives to cultivate political favoritism to avoid punishment — pay-to-play writ large. (here)

bq. For eight years now, congressional Democrats have been (rightfully) criticizing President Bush for abusing and expanding his exective powers. So how ironic is it that they now call upon him to violate the expressed will of Congress and use TARP funds (i.e. the first $700 billion) to bail out the automobile industry? (here)

bq. …The 110th House was not only the most liberal since the New Deal, but the percentage of liberals has been increasing for some time. (here)