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Good cake

In honor of political scientist and pie aficionado, Lee Sigelman

- September 22, 2023
Good Authority cake served at reception on Sept. 20 at the Mortara Center for International Studies at Georgetown University. Photo credit: Brittany Friedman.

It’s fitting and touching that we launch Good Authority this week with cake. Everyone loves cake, right? Nope! Allow us to explain. 

Good Authority was born from The Monkey Cage blog, co-founded by the late Lee Sigelman, an extraordinary scholar and a cherished mentor to a generation of George Washington University political scientists. But what does Lee have to do with cake? Lee was a self-proclaimed “pie aficionado” and said that he was not “heavily into the cake scene.” But nevertheless he also loved to blog about…cake. Here and here are a few of his cakey posts. At Good Authority, we strive to keep building what Lee prized: a community of high standards, transparency, disciplinary pluralism, collegiality, and good humor. And an occasional cake in his beloved memory.

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