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More about cake

- February 3, 2009

Some of you may remember that a couple of months ago I posted about cake. Well, not about cake generically, but about a particular cake. In fact, an eleven-pound, $75 coconut pecan carrot cake lovingly made by The Formidable Cake Lady, here in the DC area. Here, to get your saliva flowing, is a picture of her cake:

Lovely, isn’t it? Eleven pounds of oh-so-good.

Among the thousands who will have remembered this cake is Philip Habel, who, recalling my rapturous account of that cake, has sent along news of Another Formidable Cake — this one less heavy but, to judge from its ingredients and its appearance, even gooier and sweeter. And gooey and sweet is obviously a good thing. (“Too sweet” just doesn’t make sense to me.)

Here’s the picture that Phil sent:

Now, does that look gooey, sweet, and delicious, or what?

And here’s a picture of Phil, taken, I would speculate, shortly after eating the cake. Note the glassy look in his eyes:

If you happen to live in the Twin Cities and want to see such a cake up close and personal, get yourself over to Cafe Latte in St. Paul and gaze upon their renowned Turtle Cake. (If you want to see Phil, you’ll have to go to Carbondale, Illinois. The cake would definitely be worth a trip to St. Paul, but I’m a little skeptical about whether Phil would be worth a trip to Carbondale.)

Anyway, if St. Paul is a little too far for you to go, click here for the recipe and baking instructions.

Oh — Did I remember to mention that my birthday is next month?