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Let ’em eat cake: Chapter 2

- December 1, 2008

Until today, I would have deemed the prospect of paying $75 for a cake, even one as magnificent as The Formidable Cake Lady’s eleven-pound carrot cake, to be simply out of the question. But an item in this morning’s Washington Post has put the matter in a whole nother light:

Apparently, a PGA Tour golfer who hasn’t won since 1998 still can afford $50K-plus in wedding cakes. That’s just depressing.

Arizona Republic, via Deadspin: Pro golfer Billy Mayfair and his bride, former ASU golfer Tami Proctor, weren’t the only couple getting guests’ attention at their weekend wedding.

While the 300 guests were scrambling Saturday to snap pictures of the newlyweds, they also couldn’t get enough of ‘Homer Simpson’ and his $50,000 date. . . .

One [cake] was a white, ornately British, 10-tier cake with white royal icing decor. It took two months to ‘bake.’ The culinary creation was elegantly decorated with imported crystal globes custom made to match the chandeliers hanging in the Montelucia ballroom.

The other was a 100-pound chocolate delight of more than 40 layers in the likeness of Homer Simpson, one of Mayfair’s favorite characters. Not even Homer, or wedding planner Karen Doan of Karen Doan Events is saying how much the second cake, or the entire wedding cost.

$50,000 or more for a couple of cakes — think of that! For $50,000 you could buy a nice new car, drive it to DC, stay a couple of nights in a fine hotel, dine regally, and still have enough left over to stop by KarenKay’s place and purchase one of her cakes. Or two if you’re a real cake glutton or have friends who are.

After reading that story in the Post I’ve come to think of KarenKay’s $75 carrot cake as a true bargain. After all, $75 is just fifteen-hundredths of one percent of $50,000, and I’m betting that those $50,000 wedding cakes didn’t taste nearly as good as KarenKay’s carrot cake does. Maybe it’s time for me to take a drive out Bladensburg Road.