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Anti-Semitism and the Financial Crisis

- May 14, 2009

bq. In order to assess explicit prejudice toward Jews, we directly asked respondents “How much to blame were the Jews for the financial crisis?” with responses falling under five categories: a great deal, a lot, a moderate amount, a little, not at all. Among non-Jewish respondents, a strikingly high 24.6 percent of Americans blamed “the Jews” a moderate amount or more, and 38.4 percent attributed at least some level of blame to the group.

bq. Interestingly, Democrats were especially prone to blaming Jews: while 32 percent of Democrats accorded at least moderate blame, only 18.4 percent of Republicans did so (a statistically significant difference).

That is Neil Malhotra and Yotam Margalit writing in the Boston Review. See also their discussion of a survey experiment involving information about Judaism and Madoff.

I wonder if the differences between Democrats and Republicans hold up with additional control variables.

[Hat tip to Pollster.]