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Whew! I Am Not a Nazi.

- March 26, 2009

Phil tells me he ran across this phrase doing an unrelated Google search:

bq. Although Professor Sides was a Nazi, not to mention a teacher from hell…

Yikes! I figured there was a flame on ratemyprofessor.com. But no. It’s not about me at all. It’s far more sinister.

bq. For George Upson Waller, who grew up with George Bush, and in the late 1930’s together shared an Andover Math teacher, fear was taken to the extreme. Professor Michael Sides, according Mr. Waller was “quite a horror” and “rather a fascist”. “The more he humiliated me the tighter I got, the more he seemed to enjoy it. It was true psychological sadism of the worst possible sort” Mr. Waller recalled. Professor Sides was a also a Nazi and in late 30’s. Nazism was becoming in vogue in some elite Wasp circles. During the late 30’s and early 40’s Professor Sides would suspend his math lesson and would spend the class time discussing current events and politics. “He was a Nazi. He would talk glowingly of Hitler” recalled Mr. Waller. Although Professor Sides was a Nazi, not to mention a teacher from hell, Poppy , according to Mr. Waller was the teacher pet. “He seemed to enjoy” Professor Sides and his other teachers Mr. Waller states “even the most authoritarian. Bush would never defy.” Even though Professor Sides was a Nazi “Bush thought he was a great teacher” Mr. Waller told GVG over the weekend.

If you need a dose of conspiracy theory, more is here.

(Note: Apologies for the light, and mostly frivolous, posting. A conference deadline approaches.)