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The Wisdom of Monkeys Confirmed

- August 24, 2008

Here are the results of our straw poll on Obama’s vice-presidential candidate:

Biden – 10 votes
Clinton – 8
Bayh – 6
Sibelius – 4
Kaine – 3
Gore – 2
Reed – 2
Webb – 2

There were a bunch with 1 vote: Schweitzer, Gingrich (nice one , Andy), Rendell, James Surowiecki himself (a dark horse, to be sure), Powell (I was intrigued by the prospect), Hagel, Chet Edwards, and, finally, Bush (don’t ask me).

Personally, I was a little surprised that Hillary did so well in the voting. But the big storyline is that “winning” individual, Biden, was Obama’s pick. (Biden was also ahead at Intrade when I posted the call for predictions.) Thanks to everyone for playing. Presuming APSA does not disrupt our blogging, we will do it again for McCain’s running mate.