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The Washington Post: If You Don’t Get It, You Don’t Get It

- November 26, 2007

I was late getting started this morning because the Post contained such a bonanza of bloggables:

* College students consume more alcohol on football game days than on such well-known drinking days as New Year’s Eve and Halloween, according to a study published in the November issue of Addictive Behaviors. See the abstract here.

* “It’s an immutable law of political physics that those who prevail in Iowa will hurtle toward New Hampshire with bulked-up poll numbers, gathering blinding momentum on the path to nomination.” Keep reading Howard Kurtz’s column here.

* The Democratic presidential candidates can’t agree about where “upper-middle class” stops and “rich” starts. See Joel Achenbach’s piece here.

* Even if John Wilkes Booth hadn’t killed him, Abraham Lincoln may have died of cancer within a year.

And my favorite, because it features such a weird way of testing a new social psychological theory:

* Using magic markers, leaders are more likely to draw the letter “E” in the opposite direction (inside-out) on their foreheads from the way that followers do it (outside-in). See Shankar Vedantam’s write-up here.