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The second annual TMC African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular

- June 4, 2015

” Africa Uprising,” by Adam Branch and Zachariah Mampilly. (Kim Yi Dionne/The Monkey Cage)
Continuing the tradition we started last year, this summer will see the second installment of the Annual African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular. Over the course of the summer, we will feature posts about newly published books in African politics. Not all of the books are written by political scientists, but all have something to do with important questions in African politics, such as protests, social cash transfers, sexual minorities, advocacy, oil and more.
We’ll have guest posts by the authors, reviews by us, and author Q&As. This is where you come in — if you have questions for the authors, please ask them in the comments section below. If you know of other books on African politics published between 2013-15 that you would like to see featured in the summer reading series, we will happily consider a few bonus posts.
We’ll be posting about these books on Fridays this summer, starting next week and following the tentative schedule below (subject to change). Please join us by reading along, asking questions of the authors and letting us know what you thought about each book.