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Laura Seay

African politics in 2022: More than coups and conflict

The TMC 2022 roundups: African politics

It’s International Migrants Day. These are three must-read books.

What shapes the policies and approach of host-country governments?

A transition for TMC (The Monkey Cage): Moving on from The Washington Post

We’re grateful to The Post and excited about our next chapter

No, Batman didn’t save the Congo, and other book reviews

Three new books set the record straight on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Apartheid casts a long shadow across South Africa

Andrew Harding’s new book, ‘These Are Not Gentle People,’ takes a deep look at community fear and mistrust

‘Born in Blackness’ is a compelling, unforgettable read

In the first book in this year’s African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular, journalist Howard French shows how European explorers’ curiosity about a wealthy African king shaped the modern world

Announcing the ninth African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular!

Join us in reading some of the latest books on African politics

‘The Black and White Rainbow’ reveals how hard it is to build a ‘rainbow’ nation

Unity in diversity was one of the hopes of post-apartheid South Africa.

Michela Wrong’s new book explores the 2013 murder of an exiled Rwandan official

Extensive interviews reveal more about the country’s campaign against dissidents

3 books offer deep dive into Kenyan politics

This week’s African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular examines bureaucratic wrangling, the links between land and violence, and refugee life