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The Role of Congress in Funding Social Science

- April 8, 2013

That is the title of a panel at the upcoming meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association.  It’s scheduled for Saturday at 4:35 in Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton.  Participants include Arthur Lupia of the University of Michigan (and the former principal investigator of the federally funded American National Election Study), Susan Haire of the University of Georgia and Christopher Zorn of Penn State (both formerly with the National Science Foundation), Brian Humes of the National Science Foundation, and Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL), himself a political scientist.  Given what has come to pass with the Coburn amendment, I think this will be a very important conversation.

Alas, this panel will conflict with the roundtable on the election that I mentioned, and thus I cannot attend.  But I hope people will go and blog or tweet about what they hear.

Relatedly, here is the AAUP statement on the Coburn amendment.  Here is a new website — poliscinsf.com — created by an anonymous person. Here is a set of tweets with the hashtag #poliscinsf.   Here is where the APSA is collecting information about individual scholars’ NSF awards.  Here is where you can also tell APSA how NSF grants have influenced your teaching or professional development.