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The bipartisanship of turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving!

- November 28, 2013
Vince Pahkala (cc) via Wikimedia Commons. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wild_Turkeys.jpg
Wild turkey by Vince Pahkala (cc) via Wikimedia Commons.

Editors’ note: In this archival piece from 2013, Good Authority contributor Joshua Tucker talks turkey!

In November 2013, Pew Research posted some data showing that the vast majority (>85 percent) of turkeys are produced in just 13 states. I rearranged the data to calculate the distribution of these turkeys by state. The result: Looks like Thanksgiving turkeys are neither red nor blue nor purple, but quintessentially American!

(Data: Pew Research; Figure: Joshua Tucker/The Monkey Cage)
Data: Pew Research; figure: Joshua Tucker

Of course, as is often the case, there are more red states producing smaller numbers of turkeys, and one blue state that produces a disproportionately high number of turkeys (although in this case it is Minnesota, not California!)! Here’s the data from Pew:

(Data and Figure: Pew Research http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/11/27/5-facts-about-turkeys/)
Data and figure: Pew Research, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!