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The best cities for singles

- September 25, 2008

Forbes magazine has a new edition of its “best cities for singles” ranking of forty American metro areas. It bases these rankings on seven components: coolness, cost of living alone, culture, job growth, online dating, nightlife and number of singles. (“Coolness” is based on responses to a Harris survey asking which city is the coolest. I would have said Minneapolis or Buffalo, because I would have assumed that the question referred to the weather, not the lifestyle.) Each metro area was ranked in each category, and the category ranks were summed to determine the overall rankings.

And the winner is:


To which I respond, incredulously, “Atlanta!!??!!” My least favorite major American city. Which establishes, as if further evidence were required, that I am not a swinging single.

Anyway, for our single readers who are contemplating a change of venue in order to spice up their lagging social lives, here’s the Forbes ranking:

1. Atlanta
2. San Francisco
3. Dallas
3. Minneapolis
5. Washington D.C.
6. Seattle
7. Boston
8. New York City
9. Orlando
10. Phoenix
11. Chicago
11. Denver-Aurora
13. Miami
14. Austin
15. San Antonio
16. Los Angeles
17. Houston
18. Charlotte
19. San Diego
20. St. Louis
21. Columbus
22. Philadelphia
23. Tampa-St. Petersburg
24. Las Vegas
25. Baltimore
26. Virginia Beach-Norfolk
27. Detroit
28. Pittsburgh
29. Portland
30. Buffalo
30. Milwaukee
32. Sacramento
33. Cincinnati
33. Memphis
33. Providence
36. Kansas City
37. Indianapolis
38. Cleveland
39. Salt Lake City
40. Jacksonville

For the full report, with category-by-category rankings, click here.