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The American Panel Survey

- June 13, 2011

This may be of interest to any readers doing public opinion research:

bq. The Weidenbaum Center of Washington University announces the creation of The American Panel Survey (TAPS). TAPS is a monthly online survey of a panel of about 2,000 respondents. Proposals for placing research modules on TAPS are welcome.

bq. The TAPS panel is being recruited in the summer 2011 using an address-based sampling (ABS) frame and stratifying on age and ethnicity. The panel is available for a wide variety of social science research. The directors of TAPS are particularly interested in receiving proposals for panel designs.

bq. TAPS directors are Professors James L. Gibson and Steven S. Smith. Initial funding is provided by the Weidenbaum Center. TAPS is conducted in collaboration with Knowledge Networks, the leading online survey research firm.

Further information is here.



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