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Monkeys at the Zoo

- August 26, 2008

Under the fold, all of the APSA panels that I know of featuring regular Monkey Cagers. I _especially_ recommend Monkey Cage readers to turn up for my star-studded panel (featuring Paul Krugman, Nolan McCarty, Paul Pierson and Eric Rauchway) on Rick Perlstein’s new book on Friday at 8am – I will supply donuts or pastries in lieu of breakfast to the first dozen or so people to present themselves. I also note that John Sides is almost certainly personally to blame for the title of his panel as he has a criminal record as long as yer arm for alliteration in the first and second degrees (he previously inflicted the phrase “cloistered cocoons of cognitive consonance” on a jointly written paper with me and Eric Lawrence). Finally, readers should feel free to either (a) promote their own panels, or (b) recommend other people’s panels in comments as they like.


5-13 Potpourri of Potentially Parallel Political Psychology Papers
Date: Friday, Aug 29, 10:15 AM
Location: Location: Hynes 209

Chair: John M. Sides
The George Washington University, jsides@gwu.edu

Co-Chair(s): Rebecca J. Hannagan
Northern Illinois University, rhannaga@niu.edu

Risk Orientation and Trade Policy Preferences
Sean D. Ehrlich
Florida State University, sehrlich@fsu.edu
Cherie Maestas
Florida State University, Cherie.Maestas@fsu.edu

Does Timing Matter? Intertemporal Policy Choice and the Mass Public
Scott Matthews
Queen`s University, scott.matthews@queensu.ca

Sins of the Father: Does Scandalous News Undermine Social Trust?
Tim Groeling
University of California, Los Angeles, groeling@ucla.edu

The Structure and Depth of British Internationalism: Balancing Foreign Policy Ideals with Human and Financial Costs
Thomas John Scotto
University of Essex, tscott@essex.ac.uk

Altruistic Punishment and Obeying Norms: A Unified Approach to Explaining Cooperation and Punishment
Eser Sekercioglu
SUNY, Stony Brook, msekerci@ic.sunysb.edu

Discussant(s): John M. Sides
The George Washington University, jsides@gwu.edu


5-10 Political Information and Political Learning
Date: Saturday, Aug 30, 8:00 AM

Chair: Nicholas A. Valentino
University of Texas, nvalenti@austin.utexas.edu

Political Interest Over the Life Cycle
Markus Prior
Princeton University, mprior@princeton.edu

Learning Dynamics in Micro-Macro Perspective
Evan Parker-Stephen
Texas A&M University, eps@polisci.tamu.edu

Does What You Know Affect What You Think? Factual Information and Support For Public Policies
Eric D. Lawrence
The George Washington University, edl@gwu.edu
John M. Sides
The George Washington University, jsides@gwu.edu

The Conditioning of Vote Choice by Political Sophistication from Several Perspectives: The Case of France
Robert C. Luskin
University of Texas, Austin, rluskin@mail.utexas.edu
Mathieu Turgeon
University of North Texas, turgeon@unt.edu

Discussant(s): Nicholas A. Valentino
University of Texas, nvalenti@austin.utexas.edu

8-10 Multilevel Modeling
Date: Saturday, Aug 30, 8:00 AM
Location: Location: Marriott Northeastern

Chair: David K. Park
The George Washington University, dkp@gwu.edu

Policy Expertise and Electoral Outcomes: A Multilevel Analysis
Akitaka Matsuo
Rice University, matsuo@rice.edu

External Risk and the Welfare State: Examining the Link Between Openness and Spending
Boliang Zhu
Columbia University, bz2123@columbia.edu
Yu-Sung Su
CUNY, Graduate Center, ys463@columbia.edu

Need or Politics: Using a Multi-Level Model to Assess Targeting Performance in a World Bank Program
Matthew S. Winters
Columbia University, msw22@columbia.edu

Causal Inference of Repeated Observations: A Synthesis of Matching Method and Multilevel Modeling
Yu-Sung Su
CUNY, Graduate Center, ys463@columbia.edu

Discussant(s): Jeronimo Cortina
University of Houston, jcortina@central.uh.edu
Yu-Sung Su
CUNY, Graduate Center, ys463@columbia.edu

42-14 Roundtable: Join the Party? George McGovern, American Liberalism and the Politics of Hope in U.S. Presidential Politics, 1972 and Today

Date: Sunday, Aug 31, 8:00 AM
Location: Location: Sheraton Gardner A

Co-sponsored by 7-19

Chair: Alethia Jones
SUNY, Albany, ajones@albany.edu

Participant(s): Frances Fox Piven
CUNY, Graduate Center, Fpiven@hotmail.com
Philip A. Klinkner
Hamilton College, pklinkne@hamilton.edu
Rick Perlstein
The Village Voice, perlstein@aol.com
James Shoch
California State University, Sacramento, shochj@csus.edu
Shelley L. Hurt
Vassar College
Bruce Miroff
SUNY, Albany, miroff@albany.edu


40-4 The Political Economy of Collective Decision Making and Knowledge Aggregation

Date: Friday, Aug 29, 4:15 PM
Location: Marriott Berkeley

Chair: Martha Finnemore
George Washington University, finnemor@gwu.edu

How to Aggregate Knowledge in an Epistemic Democracy? Learning from Classical Athens
Josiah Ober
Stanford University, jober@stanford.edu

Applying Institutional Theory to Knowledge Generation and Assimilation: Comparing Online and Offline Systems of Knowledge Production
Henry Farrell
George Washington University, henry@henryfarrell.net
Melissa A. Schwartzberg
Columbia University, ms3125@columbia.edu

Yochai Benkler
Harvard University, yochai_benkler@harvard.edu

Scott E. Page
University of Michigan, spage@umich.edu

Simulation of Decision Rules for Party Advice Websites
Jan Kleinnijenhuis
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, j.kleinnijenhuis@fsw.vu.nl
André Krouwel
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, APM.Krouwel@fsw.vu.nl

Discussant(s): Martha Finnemore
George Washington University, finnemor@gwu.edu

-6 Author Meets Critics Roundtable: Rick Perlstein’s Nixonland: The Rise of a President and Fall of the American Consensus
Date: Friday, Aug 29, 8:00 AM
Location: Location: Hynes 107

Chair: Henry Farrell
The George Washington University, henry@henryfarrell.net

Participant(s): Paul Krugman
Princeton University, pkrugman@princeton.edu
Paul Pierson
University of California, Berkeley, pierson@berkeley.edu
Nolan M. McCarty
Princeton University, nmccarty@princeton.edu
Eric Rauchway
University of California, Davis, earauchway@ucdavis.edu
Rick Perlstein
The Village Voice, perlstein@aol.com