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Mapping Donations to Senators

- April 3, 2009

Political scientists are finally starting to get interested in political networks – one nice example is the initial work that Dan Katz and Michael Bommarito are doing on how campaign contributions can be visualized as networks at “computational legal studies”:http://computationallegalstudies.com/. They have three recent posts, one mapping “contributions to senators from individual institutions”:http://computationallegalstudies.com/2009/03/26/visualizing-the-campaign-contributions-to-the-united-states-senators-in-the-110th-congress-%E2%80%94-the-tarp-edition-the-image/ with TARP recipients highlighted, another looking at “contributions by economic sector”:http://computationallegalstudies.com/2009/03/30/senators-of-the-110th-congress-take-2-contributions-by-industrysector/, and a third discussing whether the USG should “provide interfaces”:http://computationallegalstudies.com/2009/03/28/google-for-government-broad-representations-of-large-amounts-of-data/ to visualize large N datasets on topics of political interest. More data is forthcoming shortly. It would be nice to see some serious grant money go to support this kind of work …