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It’s So Hard to Say Good-Bye (to Rogue Dictators)

- April 5, 2011

bq. Today, hope abounds that the pressure is getting to Qaddafi. High-level defections continue, and the financial vise is increasing. And perhaps New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s prayer will be answered that Obama will get lucky and the regime will collapse. But it may take more than luck. Like Saddam, Qaddafi may believe that the United States won’t really come after him (particularly since we have said we won’t). Like Noriega, he won’t understand that the wish is actually a demand. And like Cédras, he may need a clear offer that gives him an incentive to leave. (It is unlikely he will see a trip to The Hague as sufficiently attractive.)

From my colleague Jim Goldgeier, guest-blogging at CFR. The full post is “here”:http://blogs.cfr.org/lindsay/2011/04/04/guest-post-making-qaddafi-go/.