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- October 25, 2009


A couple weeks ago, I noted a cleverly designed political science-themed cake. Its creator was known to me only as a graduate student at UC-Davis.

This person has outed herself. She is Sherry Zaks. And she is still at it. The cake above depicts the well-known statistical problem of heteroskedasticity and is a direct response to Seth Masket’s challenge in comments on the previous post. Sherry writes:

bq. Also, in response to Seth Masket’s request for a scatter plot, he will be pleased to know that I have done a cake illustrating the perils of heteroskedasticity. Though it is not commensurate with my other work, he should nonetheless be satisfied. It is, after all, Funfetti.

Nothing says “frivolous Sunday blog post” like Funfetti.

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