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Delegate Poaching in Colorado?

- March 12, 2008


Over at Enik Rising, Seth Masket notes that in several Colorado counties, Hillary’s share of the county delegates exceeds the share of the vote that she got in the county’s caucus. The graph is above. He writes:

bq. It’s hard to know if this is all due to chance, if she really does have an effective post-caucus strategy in the urban counties, or if the Obama folks are just flakier as the process goes on. It’s also hard to say just how much this will matter in the end. Each of the state’s seven congressional district will only send six or seven delegates to the DNC. So maybe she can flip two or three this way, and if she does that in the other caucus states, we’re talking about serious numbers, although obviously not enough to overtake Obama in pledged delegates. Still, every little bit matters right now.