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Cancel My Account

- February 8, 2008


Several years ago, I canceled my AOL account. Fine. Then, months later, they began billing me. After many phone calls, they stopped. Mysteriously, several months later, they started again. After many more phone calls, they stopped. Then, a year later, they started again. And so it went until, fed up, I simply began ignoring their attempts to get me to pay for services neither desired nor received. Then a collection agency began dunning me for payment. I ignored them, too. Ultimately they threatened unspecified “action” that would cause me much pain and discomfort. I told them to bring it on. They haven’t brought it on. Yet. Probably I will hear from them again.

And that brings me to the following.

Yesterday, while roaming the Internet in my spare time (which for an academic is the same as work time), I stumbled upon the saga of one Vincent Ferrari, pictured above and profiled here, and his attempt to cancel his AOL account.

Give a listen. For me, it was deja vu all over again. Maybe for you, too.