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Call for Election Reports

- December 9, 2010

Last year we started a Monkey Cage initiative to provide “timely analysis by political scientists of international elections”:https://themonkeycage.org/2009/09/election_reports_and_political.html. We had a lot of what I thought were excellent reports – you can “look through them here”:https://themonkeycage.org/election_reports/. Unfortunately, the “last one”:https://themonkeycage.org/2010/07/2010_slovak_parliamentary_elec.html appeared this summer. I’d love to get this started again, so I’m going to try to put out calls for writing reports a little more frequently.

To all those who have contributed to the series, let me again offer my thanks. To everyone else out there with regional or country-level expertise who likes to follow elections, please email me at joshua dot tucker at nyu dot edu if you are interested in writing reports. Graduate students who are on the ground doing field research: this includes you! The basic idea is to try to reports up quickly – ideally within the first 24 hours after an election – but we are flexible, and if you have something interesting to say later on that’s fine too.. We also have run plenty of pre-election pieces as well. The overall goal is simply too be able to get the opinions of political scientists about elections out in the public sphere quickly (ie., not having to wait a year for an _Electoral Studies_ election report to come out) and thoroughly (i.e., not being limited to a quote in a story written by a journalist). But again, we are very flexible as to what you write, and that includes length.

We’ve got the following elections in the coming months, and it would be great to get reports on as many of these as possible.

12 December: Kosovo, Parliament
12 December: Slovenia, Referendum
12 December: Transnistria, Parliament
19 December: Belarus, President
16 January: Haiti, President (2nd Round)
23 January: Central African Republic, President (1st Round) and Parliament
23 January: Portugal, President
31 January: Niger, Parliament and President (1st Round)
18 February: Uganda, President and Parliament
20 February: Chad, Parliament
6 March: Estonia, Parliament
16 March: Madagascar, Parliament
March: Benin, President and Parliament
2 April: Nigeria, Parliament
9 April: Nigeria, President
10 April: Peru, President and Parliament
17 April: Finland, Parliament
27 April: Yemen, Parliament