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Bleg: Help Name a New Political Science Blog

- August 4, 2010

A colleague tells me of a new political science blog that is in the works. It would feature a group of political scientists, blogging mostly about American politics, public opinion, and elections in a uniquely data-driven kind of way. Trust me that this blog would be different than The Monkey Cage and its kindred, and, if plans come together, a very welcome addition to the political science blogosphere and to the politics blogosphere generally.

Here is the problem: it needs a name. Something that clearly signals its content and its political science-y orientation, so as to distinguish it from other politics blogs. (In other words, something that’s not “The Monkey Cage”!) Also, it should be catchy. Clever(ish). A good brand. You get the idea.

Please leave your ideas in comments. If someone suggests the winning name, he or she will get a prize. I don’t know what the prize will be, but it will be…a prize of some kind.

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