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APSR open access issue

- June 11, 2012

Several articles in the new issue of the American Political Science Review are “open access for the month of June”:http://cup.msgfocus.com/q/1MHpGuoe8lonGi/wv. Click on the link to read:

Elite Competition, Religiosity, and Anti-Americanism in the Islamic World, Lisa Blaydes and Drew A. Linzer
Does the Leader’s Ethnicity Matter? Ethnic Favoritism, Education, and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa, Raphael Franck and Ilia Rainer
The Influence of Federal Spending on Presidential Elections, Douglas L. Kriner and Andrew Reeves
Insecure Alliances: Risk, Inequality, and Support for the Welfare State, Philipp Rehm et al.

We covered the working paper version of the “Blaydes and Linzer”:http://tmc.org/blog/2011/02/28/what_drives_anti-americanism_i/ article last year at the Monkey Cage – it’s nice to see it published.