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A few good links

A Liberian presidential candidate's similarities to Joe Biden, the power of women's votes in Poland, and more.

- November 10, 2023
  • The many ways Liberia’s opposition presidential candidate is like Joe Biden, and other things you should know about the run-off election scheduled for Nov. 14. 
  • Women and young voters were key to the defeat of Poland’s autocratic party in the October elections.
  • For the first time since the question has been asked in the ANES, a majority of Democrats in the U.S. support “preferential hiring and promotion of blacks.” (HT Gaurav Sood)
  • “Around the world, dictators are dispatching assassins, kidnappers, secret police and private investigators to abduct, harass, intimidate and harm dissidents, journalists, academics and others far beyond their borders.” That is from an editorial about transnational repression in the Washington Post.
  • “In one rural Brazilian community, residents blamed low participation in the community association and lack of support from city officials when the well’s water pump remained broken for months. Ten kilometers down the road, residents of an otherwise similar community said that if their pump breaks, their association president contacts the city councilor that the community supported last election, who gets it fixed.” That is from Alicia Dailey Cooperman’s new article in the APSR.
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