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A Bleg: What Are the Political Science Blogs?

- March 2, 2009

I recently came across this diavlog between Ezra Klein and Dan Drezner. Klein comments on the dearth of political scientists in the blogosphere:

bq. You would think that you would have just a massive influx of political scientists — high-profile ones at this point, good writers, who are really pushing the best sort of research and and attempting to inject it into political conversation.

That is after he notes how much “skew” there is between political science and economics in this realm. He and Drezner go on to discuss why that might be. I commend their exchange to you, although I’m not going to respond here.

My purpose is instead to list the blogs that feature academic political scientists. These will become part of our blogroll (which is long overdue). And it will give Klein and anyone else a sense of what the political science blogs are. (I’m not trying to prove a point. I agree with him that there are too few polisci blogs.)

Henry compiled the original list. I’ve added a few to it. I’m ignoring how often these blogs are updated. Some are updated only infrequently. At this stage, however, it seems better to build a complete list.

I need you to tell me which ones we’re missing. Again, we’re looking for blogs by academic political scientists — faculty or graduate students, domestic or foreign. A group blog that includes at least one political scientist counts.

Abstract Politics
Tony Arend
Kai Arzheimer
A Sibilant Intake of Breath
Hugh Bartling
Chris Blattman
Laurent Bouvet
Andreas Busch
CDSP Election 2008
Miguel Centellas
Jacob Christensen
Josef Colomer
Crooked Timber
Dan Drezner
The Duck of Minerva
Election ’08 (Tom Holbrook)
Empirical Legal Studies
Enik Rising (Seth Masket)
Frontloading HQ (Josh Putnam)
Fruits and Votes (Matthew Shugart)
Andrew Gelman
Art Goldhammer
Nils Gustaffson
Matthew Hindman
The Interdependence Complex (Lauren Phillips)
Simon Jackman
Jim Johnson
Kids Prefer Cheese (Mike Munger)
King Politics (Marvin King)
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Jacob Levy
Marc Lynch
Nolan McCarty
Laura McKenna
Brendan Nyhan
Outside the Beltway
Patchwork Nation (Jim Gimpel)
Roger Payne
Political Arithmetik (Charles Franklin)
The Quantitative Peace
Reflective Pundit (Brigitte Nacos)
Signifying Nothing (Chris Lawrence)
Social Science Statistics Blog
Steven Taylor
Uncommon Priors (Paul Gowder)
Voir Dire