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Jeremy Pressman

Will protests over the Israel-Hamas war shift U.S. policy?

Two experts share their insights on the growing number of U.S. protest events.

The Trump years launched the biggest sustained protest movement in U.S. history. It’s not over.

Here’s what we learned by counting the protests during the past four years

Pompeo just visited the West Bank. That’s likely to deepen the partisan division over Israel-Palestine.

Trump administration decisions on Israel marked a shift away from decades of U.S. policy.

This summer’s Black Lives Matter protesters were overwhelmingly peaceful, our research finds

Police and counterprotesters sometimes started violence

Black Lives Matter beyond America’s big cities

Here’s the new geography of youth activism

The Floyd protests are the broadest in U.S. history — and are spreading to white, small-town America

That will influence the election — and future policy.

The anti-Trump ‘Lights for Liberty’ events might be the most significant protests you’ve never heard of.

This kind of activism could matter in 2020.

Turnout at last weekend’s impeachment marches was modest. Why?

We found three likely reasons.

Trump’s Golan Heights tweet disregards decades of U.S. commitment to U.N. resolutions

Here’s what recognizing Israeli sovereignty of the strategic land could mean for the region.

The 2019 Women’s March was bigger than you think