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Elizabeth Sharrow

How Title IX is undermining college sports

Since 1972, the definition of sex discrimination has expanded beyond what's covered by this breakthrough – but narrow – law.

Texas isn’t the only state denying essential medical care to trans youths. Here’s what’s going on.

Conservatives are increasingly imposing government control over sexuality and gender

States are still trying to ban trans youths from sports. Here’s what you need to know.

So far in 2021, state legislators have proposed 170 bills targeting trans children. What’s at stake?

Five states ban transgender girls from girls’ school sports. But segregating sports by sex hurts all girls.

When Title IX first segregated school sports into girls’ and boys’ teams, it was meant to be temporary

Here’s how female candidates can sway fathers’ votes — if their first child is a daughter

Yes, Stephen Curry is right. Having a daughter does change men’s political outlooks — but only if she’s firstborn.

What would change public opinion on whether the Redskins’ name is offensive?