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Year-end Songs, Gen-yoo-wine Amurrican Version

- December 22, 2007

John’s compilation of “year-end” songs (immediately below) is, of course, doubly wrong. In the first place there’s his execrable taste in music. Just listen to his picks and, at least if you’re over 30, you’ll be on my side of the argument. (Although I’m sorry to hear myself sounding like my parents did when I was growing up in the early days of rock ‘n roll.) Second, most of his picks aren’t year-end songs at all; they’re just songs that he chose at the end of the year.

So here, to set things straight, is my own mini-compilation of year-end songs, all in the spirit of the season. From our house to your house, have a happy one of whatever you celebrate, or not, this time of the year.

A poignant retelling of a family Christmas gathering

Lamentations of Christmas tragedy

And for those who’ll be eating Chinese on Christmas…