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We Welcome Henry Farrell to the Cage

- February 6, 2008

David, Lee, and I are pleased to announce that our colleague, Henry Farrell, is joining The Monkey Cage and will be contributing posts on a regular basis. Henry broadens the blog’s horizons in various ways. He is not an American by birth, hailing instead from Ireland. He knows more than the three of us about many subjects, including the EU, e-commerce, political institutions, and international relations generally. Unlike us neophytes, he is a well-established blogger over at Crooked Timber. He has also been plugging political science research for a while at the Political Science Weblog and was instrumental in helping us set up The Monkey Cage. We call him our blogfather. Finally, he is your go-to source for information about fantasy and science fiction novels (e.g., this nerdy post).

We are glad to have him aboard. His first two posts are below.

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