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Unions and Fiscal Outcomes Round-up

- February 25, 2011

I wanted to link to some other interesting posts on how union membership may affect fiscal outcomes in the states. My earlier posts on this are here, here, and here. See Andy’s here. I thank the many commenters on these posts for pointing me to other analyses and data.

* In particular, commenter Nina Johnson “pointed to”:https://themonkeycage.org/2011/02/21/the_relationship_between_union.html#comment-55508 “this analysis”:http://shankerblog.org/?p=1850 by Matthew Di Carlo at the blog of the Albert Shanker Institute. It predated mine by a couple weeks and is very similar to mine. Di Carlo also shows the relationship between the presence of collective bargaining rights and state budget deficits — something that several commenters had asked about and commenter Mark had also “looked at”:https://themonkeycage.org/2011/02/the_relationship_between_union.html#comment-55405. Di Carlo does not find much relationship.

* Mike Konczal at Rortybomb “found”:http://rortybomb.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/the-housing-bubble-and-negative-equity-is-a-major-predictor-of-state-budget-gaps-not-unions/ a much stronger relationship between state budget deficits and negative equity in the mortgage market.

* Barry Pump “found”:http://staff.washington.edu/bpump/wordpress/2011/02/23/unions-and-progressive-taxation/ that states with more union membership do not have more progressive taxation. However, he “found”:http://staff.washington.edu/bpump/wordpress/2011/02/24/union-membership-and-welfare-spending/ that states with more union membership do spend more on social welfare.

* Seth Masket “offered”:http://enikrising.blogspot.com/2011/02/public-unions-and-debt.html some thoughts on the relationship between union membership and state spending per capita. For example: “Sometimes good things — even when they come from the government — cost more.”

If there are other interesting analyses or commentary out there, feel free to leave them in comments.