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Transfer payments from renters to owners??

- February 19, 2009

I’m too embarrassed to ask this one on my own blog . . . it’s basically a macroeconomics question, and I haven’t taken an economics class since 11th grade . . .

Anyway, there’s all this stuff in the newspaper about hundreds of billions of dollars for homeowners. When this sort of thing comes out, do they every give something to renters? As a non-homeowner, this doesn’t seem so fair! Especially since I imagine that the average renter is poorer than the average owner. Perhaps Ubs has some insights here.

P.S. See the comments here for similar thoughts (for example, “it’s all such a terrible shame. Hey, can someone give me $300,000. Thanks”).

P.P.S. Yes, I realize that there are many many much more important issues to worry about than the distributive question of whether renters or owners are benefiting from this bill. Nonetheless, it surprises me that this concern didn’t seem to be raised at all.