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This is confusing

- November 9, 2011

Andrew Sullivan quotes Jon Huntsman, back in September, loving all over Captain Beefheart and specifically referring to Trout Mask Replica.  Wow.  That has to be the most non-mainstream musical identification (cf. party identification) ever given by a U.S. presidential candidate.  And a Republican to boot.

What’s the logic whereby you are willing to say that, but not to be the one guy to raise your hand in response to the question about whether you would accept a budget deal with a 10-1 ratio of spending cuts to tax increases?

You’ve already given up and figure what the hell?  You don’t think this could ever feasibly be used against you in a future campaign?  Despite seeming sane compared to some of your rivals, you actually do believe that it’s more important not to raise any taxes at all than to actually lower the deficit?  Probably there’s just no logic or strategy going on here, but while I haven’t done a systematic study, my impression had been that presidential candidates are as careful and boring about music choices as they tend to be about sports team advocacy.