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The Tao of Huckabee

- January 31, 2009

bq. Read the Bible more; blogs less.

That is #2 from Mike Huckabee’s “12 Action Steps to STOP Being Cynical.” These conclude chapter 2 of his book From Hope to Higher Ground, recently given to me by a cousin who likes Huckabee. No word on what to do if the a blog is about the Bible.

The list is pretty unobjectionable — practice “random acts of kindness,” have conversations with people different from you, watch classic films (specifically, those “made before 1968”; maybe Huckabee is not a fan of “Midnight Cowboy”), do volunteer work — but then there’s this:

bq. Listen to more music and less talk radio.

I could ponder on what coded message this is sending to Rush Limbaugh et al., or whether it’s just a subtle plug for Huckabee’s band. But I wouldn’t want to be cynical.

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