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The Tanning Bed Lobby Supports Sarah Palin

- September 17, 2008

In my post below on Sarah Palin’s favorability rating, I refer to how her favorability has “paled.” The word is a link to an initial story about her tanning bed.[1]

Thanks to the eagle eyes of my colleague and co-blogger Henry Farrell[2], I now know what benefits this purchase will reap for Governor Palin:

bq. While partisan bloggers and the sun scare industry will use this as an opportunity to undermine Gov. Palin and demonize the indoor tanning industry, the fact is that Governor Palin’s decision to get UV light from a tanning bed positively impacts her health.

That is from this press release by the Indoor Tanning Association. Beware the “sun scare industry”!

[1] This is what passes for humor on a political science blog.
[2] Henry’s knowledge of this information is surprising. As a pasty Irishman, he has had little acquaintance with the sun, much less a tanning bed.

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