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The Monkey Cage Is Moving to the Washington Post

- August 26, 2013


We are very pleased to announce that The Monkey Cage is going to become part of the Washington Post.  After 5+ years of writing and growing as an independent blog, we think that the Post offers a tremendous opportunity both to increase and broaden our audience and to improve our content.  We think that it will be a great place to continue the blog’s mission of publicizing political science research and providing informed commentary on politics and current events.

We are grateful to everyone at the Post who helped make this possible — especially Marty Baron, the Post‘s editor, Stuart Farrell at the Washington Post Company, and Ezra Klein.  We also thank Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, Melissa Bell, and the others with the Post’s digital team who have already been working on bringing us on board and who will be helping us as we make the transition.

We will have more to say about what this move will mean for us and for our readers.  But I wanted to share this good news now.  Thanks to everyone who has read, commented on, tweeted, and shared our content for these past 5 years.  We would not have this opportunity except for you.

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