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The Culture Wars Go Global

- March 29, 2012

Clifford Bob has a new book out this week called The Global Right Wing and the Clash of World Politics. The book documents the influence of right-wing transnational advocacy networks: a group that has been highly influential yet under the radar in most academic studies. Here’s what Professor Bob has to say about the book’s core argument:

International activism is no longer the preserve of the left, if it ever was.  More specifically, the book focuses on conflicts over gay rights and gun rights at the UN and in Brazil, Sweden, and Romania–as well as the ways in which these overseas conflicts are used in the American culture wars.  There are current conflicts over gay rights at the UN Human Rights Council (though not well-known) and … in African countries such as Uganda. Similarly, battles over the Arms Trade Treaty continue at the UN, though they are again not heavily reported.

This book comes at a time when many people have been preoccupied with humanitarian causes, like Kony 2012, or other campaigns with fairly progressive aims. Bob reminds us that global human rights, social justice, and gun control campaigns have determined opponents who use a variety of tactics to challenge their foes and advance more conservative policy agendas. In fact, they are often extremely effective in pressing for social and political reforms in foreign counties.

Check out the book for lots of examples.

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