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The American Statistical Association is starting a blog!

- March 13, 2011

It’s called The Statistics Forum, and it’s affiliated with Chance magazine (a publication of the American Statistical Association). I’ll be the editor but not the only blogger.

Our current plan is to have one major entry each week, mixing in some smaller bloggy items in between. The week’s main item is intended to stimulate discussion within the statistics community and applied fields. Some of the items will be topical–for example, we’re running a piece by Howard Wainer on estimating the economic value of tenure for school teachers–and other times we will focus on more theoretical items, for example discussions of interesting and important recent papers appearing in statistics journals.

Unlike the Monkey Cage, whose main purpose is to publicize political science research and engage journalists and the general public with political science, the Statistics Forum will be more aimed inward, with the goal of building a community among statisticians by setting a topic of discussion each week. But we also think it will be of interest to researchers in general which is why I’m announcing it here.