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That Wisconsin Conference Committee

- March 10, 2011

“Barry Pump”:http://staff.washington.edu/bpump/wordpress/2011/03/09/wisconsins-procedure/:

bq. My question is how can a conference committee report be valid without an appropriately constituted conference committee? Wisconsin legislature rules explicitly say that there has to be at least one member of the minority party from each chamber represented on a conference committee. And as we all know, all the Senate Democrats have been in exile in Illinois.

Here is Joint Rule 3 (1):

bq. In all cases of disagreement between the senate and assembly on amendments, adopted by either house to a bill or joint resolution passed by the other house, a committee of conference consisting of 3 members from each house may be requested by either house, and the other house shall appoint a similar committee. At least one member from each house shall be a member of the minority party.

Like Barry, I’m no parliamentarian. I’m just throwing this out there for other views.

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