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Symposium Magazine September 2013 issue

- September 9, 2013

College For All, Or Just For Some?
Judith Sebesta
All too often, Americans see a college degree as the ultimate insurance policy for success. But we need look to a far wider range of policy and educational tools to help those without a degree.

Why Democrats Are in Trouble in 2014
David C. W. Parker
Political reporting and punditry do a poor job in forecasting election results. Here is a closer look at how a political scientist would unpack the next elections.

Weather and War, Reconsidered
Scott K. Taylor
What the calamities of the seventeenth century can teach today’s scholars about climate change, war, and policy-making.

Never Mind the Generals, Here Come the Technocrats
Thomas E. Flores
Voters across the world increasingly prefer technocrats to run affairs. Why are they so popular?

Understanding the Irrational Commuter
David M. Levinson
The increasing sophistication of data collection and analysis gives us deeper insights into human behavior — and how we make decisions about everyday travel.

From the ACLU to Spy World to Academia
Chuck McCutcheon
Law professor Tim Edgar has worked on both sides of the surveillance debate, and he sees lessons to privacy advocates and government officials alike.

Fox, Meet Hedgehog
Euny Hong
A strategic studies program at Yale revives ancient lessons about statecraft, and its popularity is soaring.

Lots of good stuff here.