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Reader-Indulgent Canine Post #1

- December 12, 2007

In light of The Monkey Cage’s standing as a no-nonsense, ultra-serious forum for enlightenment, I would never want to turn it into a doggie show-and-tell site. Except sometimes.

In shameless pandering to the request of reader Jeff Yates that I post pictures of his two favorite breeds, here’s a snapshot not just of any old pug or basenji, but of Jeff’s pug and basenji. These two breeds aren’t, I confess, included on my personal Sweet 16 list of canine finalists, but it’s a great picture.


As an extra added attraction (“FREE!”) for those who don’t know about basenjis (the so-called “barkless dogs”), give a listen to the renowned basenji yodel. Those who already are familiar with this sound will know enough not to listen.

Cat people: Please be patient. I am one of you. Your day will come.