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PSA: Please Help Charley Cooper Do His Laundry

- October 22, 2009

Charley Cooper is a sophomore at Georgetown University. And, apparently, a very busy man.

bq. He has a full load of classes, hours of homework and a part-time job at a financial services company. He’s also worried about an illness in the family. And then there are all the other time-consuming aspects of college.

What to do?

bq. The solution? A personal assistant.

bq. Cooper, 19, logged on to the university’s student employment Web site last week and posted an ad for someone to tackle “some of my everyday tasks,” such as organizing his closet, dropping him off and picking him up from work, scheduling haircuts, putting gas in the car and taking it in for service, managing his electronic accounts and doing laundry (although the assistant will be paid only for the time spent loading, unloading and folding clothes, not the entire laundry cycle).

Prospective applicants can expect to be paid $10-12 per hour with the potential for bonuses (bonuses!). My favorite tidbit (emphasis mine):

bq. Cooper would answer questions only through messages sent to his Facebook account, which features a photo of _a man in a striped polo shirt holding a champagne flute_.

No word on whether the shirt collar was popped.

Really, though, this reflects most poorly on Georgetown. Why won’t they provide their students simple creature comforts like a valet service?

The story is here.

[Hat tip to Andy Karch.]

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