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Project to Code Congressional Campaign Websites

- August 17, 2010

Jamie Druckman (Northwestern), Martin Kifer (High Point), and Michael Parkin (Oberlin) are soliciting suggestions for their coding of Congressional campaign websites. They have been coding all Senate and a large sample of House sites since the 2002 election. The data through 2006 are publicly available (with the 2008 data to follow within the next year). The 2008 coding sheet can be found at “here”:http://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~jnd260/webproject.html

The 2008 coding sheet will serve as the baseline for the 2010 coding. Jamie, Martin, and Mike welcome suggestions on changes and/or additions. All suggestions must be made by September 15th; all suggestions will be evaluated by the PIs and two other scholars who have used the data.

Submit suggestions to: mparkin@oberlin.edu