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Politics in everything: Eight reasons my goddaughter is awesome

- October 29, 2014

An Apple employee grabs an iPhone 6 for a customer at the Apple Store during the launch and sale of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones, in Palo Alto, Calif., last week. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar, File)
Recent cognitive research by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber seems to show that reason is an argumentative capacity. In other words, reasoning evolved more as a way to make convincing arguments to others about why we are right and should get our own way than to figure out how the world works in the privacy of our own heads. This gives me a feeble social-scientific excuse to publish this letter (with parents’ permission but with surname removed), my 9-year-old goddaughter wrote and put on her mother’s┬ádesk a few days after she was told that she couldn’t have a phone.
Eight reasons why I need a Cell Phone
by Julia
I think I need an iPhone though, you don’t agree. I guarantee when you are finished reading this your opinion will at least have been shifted a bit.
One reason I need an iPhone is that I recently joined an acapella group. I need to listen to the music so I can practice and if I have an iPhone I could download the songs on iTunes and put on my headphones or earbuds so you would not be bothered. Also I am thinking about playing an instrument and I could use my iPhone to listen to songs and practice. You got the boys iPhones for just that reason so I know you will agree.
Another reason is that if I have an iPhone, communication will be easier. For example, if there was a change in my schedule at school I would be able to consult you quickly by texting or calling (if I am allowed to bring my phone to school).
A third reason that I should be allowed a cellphone is that I could see if extreme weather was coming. For example, if it was a snow day, you would not have to keep your phone by your bed because all of your children would have cell phones.
If I was ever lost or in trouble a cell phone would come in handy. I would be able to call for help or use a map on my phone to help me find my way home. An example would be if I got locked out of the house. Instead of going to a neighbor’s house and calling, I could call you immediately and discuss the options.
Many of my friends have cell phones that are disabled to call, so if I got a cell phone I would be able to call my friends if your decision to get me one convinced their parents to get them one. That way, my communication would not be limited to you.
Sometimes I need to call someone but I can’t find the phone because you used it to call for work even though you have a cell phone. If I had a cell phone I would never bother you about where the heck the phone was because I could use my cell phone to call instead of the home phone.
If there is ever a power outage I have trouble finding flashlights but I could use my phone as a flashlight. I know you would agree that light is important and candles should wait until I am older.
One last reason is that I promise I would use my phone responsibly and I would not go overboard with phone use. I would not get addicted as you know because I do not use my kindle all the time and if you would like me to get off or think otherwise I hope you will inform me.
I have stated many reasons that I hope help you see my side of the story. Please tell me about anything you would like to have me think about.
OK – we agree. For your birthday. love – Mom + Dad