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Political Scientists on YouTube

- August 2, 2010

As a companion to Bill Bianco and David Canon’s textbook, American Politics Today, W.W. Norton “interviewed” a group of political scientists, asking them to talk about an area of expertise, how they became a political scientist, and the value of political science generally. Here are the interviews and topics:

* Mark Graber on the living Constitution

* Vincent Hutchings on racial coding in American politics

* David Lewis on executive branch structure and policy-making

* Zoe Oxley on media framing

* David Rohde on political parties and partisanship

* Howard Schweber on civil liberties

* me on party identification and elections

* Jim Stimson on public opinion

* Sean Theriault on political polarization in Congress

* Craig Volden on public policy diffusion

* Susan Webb Yackee on bureaucracy and rule-making

* Bianco and Canon themselves on political science, politics, and their book