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My Niece, Canine Variety

- November 21, 2007

I love dogs, and my “frivolity”-category posts will probably reflect that fact. Here, for starters, is an irresistible (at least to me) up-close-and-personal photo of my late brother and sister-in-law’s beautiful boxer, Frida, who is now the housemate of my niece Kathi. Frida (named for Frida Kahlo because of the dark circles around her eyes) was bred for show but became a house pet after she was diagnosed as having a heart murmur that turned out to be a false alarm. Frida especially enjoys lap-sitting, leash-pulling, beach-walking, and bird-chasing. Intending no offense to my other family members (human, canine, or feline), I nominate Frida as our entrant in the best-looking family member competition.