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Move over APSR?

- June 19, 2008

From “Omar”:http://orgtheory.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/move-over-apsr/ at _Orgtheory.net_

bq. An interesting message from Christopher Zorn to the POLMETH listserve showed up at my desktop this morning. It appears that the 2007 impact factor of the methodology-heavy journal Political Analysis, “rose from 0.917 to 2.535, an increase of 176 percent.” That makes Political Analysis the top journal in Political Science, by-passing APSR. Now I understand-before you get all perklempt-that JCR impact factors are a problematic measure of “impact”, have criterion validity problems, not all of the relevant jourmals are included (and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for which journals get included) and are probably not even reproducible by third parties (we’ve covered some of this ground before; here, here, and here), and all the rest, but I still wonder whether this signals some permanent substantive change in the nature of the field (i.e. the Cambridge-led “political methodology” movement has finally made-over the discipline), or whether it is just another random JCR fluctuation (and yes, AJS and ASR are still the top impact journals in the 2007 rankings for sociology).