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More on 1989 vs. 2011

- February 8, 2011

Following on Josh’s “post”:https://themonkeycage.org/2011/01/will_2011_be_1989.html and Lucan Way’s “post”:https://themonkeycage.org/2011/02/what_eastern_europe_teaches_us.html is this “Guardian op-ed”:http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/feb/08/arab-world-uprisings by my GW colleagues Harris Mylonas and Wilder Bullard. One quote:

bq. But while the wave following the fall of the Berlin Wall created a period of unprecedented security across the European continent, the current wave of uprisings could create a corridor of failed states stretching from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the frontiers of Europe in southern Turkey.